Thursday, 26 February 2009




  1. Hey!

    The meeting with Centroid 3D is tomorrow at 14.00 at BFI SOUTHBANK CAFE BENUGO. It would be great if you could arrive a bit early. I'll be in there waiting. Thanks for setting up this blog. I'm sure this will help you all keep in contact.
    On a different note. Tim has informed of me that Rob Buckler, the Screen Academy and Skillset director, wants to join our meeting on the 4th of March to see what you are planning to do. ( he is the one who approved my proposal for this, therefore giving us money to do this).
    I would expect it is an informal meeting for all the parties to meet and discuss the project. The only thing I'm expecting you, the students, to bring are the storyboard, character design, sculpted character, mood board and treatment.

    Please let me know if anything is confusing and I'll do my best to help.


  2. Forgot to mention that if you buy any materials please take a receipt. Add your name and give it to Tope who will give it to me. If you don't have a receipt I cannot give you money back so this is in your best interest.