Saturday, 28 February 2009

Eeewww yuck

Eeewww yuck,
I'm sick, I have a yucky cold. But maybe its my body's way of saying

a: slow down
b: eat properly
c: what cold! man up and get on with stuff and don't find an excuse to slack!!

Anyway the meeting we had yesterday with the guy from the motion capture studio, was cool. We're on the right track, and this should be a great project.
Because I have 3 blogs (deviant art, natural-bella and my uni project one) I'm gonna copy and paste this into all of them as I'm too tired to be original.

Ok before I head off for a nap let me address some issues peps have been having:

  • Comments section will be amended so you can click a link of the post, it will appear in a new window and all comments will be listed underneath
  • sort out posting for organisers of this project via sign in and password
  • Job Roles and Email Contact list: A post or download will be enabled so everyone will be able to have others details, essential for working together. i.e. storyboarders linking up to work together on the story.
  • Posting or download of Treatment, made available asap.
  • Poll or Comment tally of all those who want to go to Centriod at Pinewood Studios.
For the last issue (see last issue above: Pinewood Studios), we need a total figure of who's going to the Motion Capture day. Here's a copy of what Greet sent me so you all have full details of whats coming up.

"I need the numbers for the people attending the Centorid 3D shoot at Pinewoods studio on the 13th of March, pretty much the HIGHLIGHT of this project.
It takes 1 and a half hours to get there and they want us there at 8 AM so it is really early morning start, which is normal for shoots.
I have money to pay for your travel so let me know who is coming but I can only pay for people who are taking part in the project. Also there is limited room so first come basis.
We would probably meet at LCC about 6 AM and then take the tube to Uxbridge. Then we would have to take a bus and we still need to take a little walk to the Studios.
We won't be waiting for latecomers and I don't want to spend my day on the phone giving you directions or looking for you. So lets all try to make this as painless as possible."
So I hope that clears some things up. I'll do them now and post info.

Cheers me dears (Achoo...... tries not to spread germs that her monkey kids gave her!!)

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