Monday, 30 March 2009

changed time!

Rob Buckler would like to see the work that has been done so far so we are meeting earlier at 11.00 tomorrow.


Friday, 27 March 2009

Tuesday 31st

I hope you are working hard to get the project to a presentable state. We are meeting in the end room in animation department at 14.00 on the 31st of March!

Monday, 23 March 2009

This week and planning

Hey All!

We had a great productive meeting today. We discussed what needs to be completed and what is going to happen while we wait for the 3D animation to get going. Everyone is coming in tomorrow at 10 and sitting down with their "personal work" choosing characters who can be animated as the extra wave that comes out of the door. Then the rest of the time is spent on animating and compositing till the 3D arrives and we add sounds. Best thing to do is get in contact with Perrie, Natalie, Terry and Emmanuel who have been in and know what's happening. Tope is going to deliver a shot list to me tonight and Perrie is handing it out tomorrow. I am in LCC this week on Wednesday and Thursday so if you have any receips for me make sure i get them before Monday as then it is too late. I will pop in and see how everything is going. BTW there is no access on Friday so that should be schedueled work that you can take home.
Hope more people help out now as the holidays have arrived!

All the best,

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Meeting on Monday at 15.00

Hey All,

Hope you have been having fun doing the project and you indeed met as a group on Friday. Rob Tygner and I would like to see you on Monday at 15.00 with all the work you have been doing!!!

All the best,


Monday, 16 March 2009


Hey kids, here's an up-to date schedule for the project.
You can click on it to open in a new page and print or save.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Centroid 3D

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for coming today and making it a great day. I hope you learnt something new today and it sparked an interest in the project so you can now choose another role to help the completion process.

Please attend the Monday morning production meeting. Perrie will give out the "additional animation pack" with instructions for you to take away and make your masterpiece with complete artistic freedom. Also Tope will be handing out the production schedule for the rest of the weeks. Rob Tygner and I will go over what is needed for the production. Even if you haven't attended before come on Monday!!!

Have a Good Relaxing Weekend!!!


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Live Shoot and Friday's Centroid day

First of all I just want to say what a great job everyone did on yesterdays live shoot. The next big thing is the Motion Capture shoot at Centroid. How's the CG character build coming along? We need to know asap if there are any problems there.

Regarding the "live shoot" video footage needed for the shoot at Centroid. I think I said all we need is the take you decide that is the good one. You'll also need all the reference footage of the box and Character Standin. This footage is important when matching the CG virtual camera with the "live camera".

Looking forward to Friday.
Well done!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009



I hope you all know what you are doing and bringing for tomorrow's shoot. I will be there to assist but this is YOUR shoot and you run it. Please make sure you know what is expected of you (if not ask Tope) and I'll see you there tomorrow.
As I've understood so far we are meeting at 16.00 at Design for Graphic Communication Room D305.

Good Evening,

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for that. That was a successful morning. Rob Buckler and Rob Tygner both were impressed and happy with what you presented. Sorry about the late start this morning as i know you have stuff to get done for your Lipsynch project.

If someone didn't get to come or didn't take notes this is what we talked about:

Technical issues with live action shoot- Most of this we covered like camera, format, lighting and the location and Milos ( live shoot mentor) has addressed the points.
ROLES- Anyone wanting to have a role in a particular field at the shoot please contact me or Tope.

List of Props/materials to bring to live shoot on the 9th March-
Contraption to open door with ( wire coat hanger)
White box with black stripes on it
White A3 sheet of paper
Stand In that is Life Size and can actually stand
Illustrations to dress the room inside the door
2 Lightboxes for the "class room"
Extension wire for the lightboxes
Gaffer Tape
(Please agree amongst each other who brings what to the shoot or nominate a person responsible for( not Tope) and if you buy something keep a RECEIPT)

List of Work done before Monday 9th ( please present to me work in progress on Friday 6th at 12.00 should take 30 minutes)

Animatic- Director Perrie, Editor Natalie etc.
3D Character- Emmanuel, Alexi, Paul etc( i want to see you have started it, doesn't matter how far you are)
CallSheet- Tope etc

I put "etc" for people whose names i don't know but want to work on these bits so please contact the people on this list and work it out with them.
Please note you still have the Weekend to do work on this so let me know if you don't think you need me to come in or I'm just wasting your valuable time. Also if there is something you think you could use Rob Tygner's help with please let me know and i'll arrange it for you.

Please send me files of the stuff you showed this morning and i will pass it onto Centroid 3D, tutors and other students.


Most importantly if you are lost or don't feel like you can handle it PLEASE let me or other members of your team know. This is a learning experience and therefore should be fun!

Good luck with your LipSynch project!


Tuesday, 3 March 2009


hey everybody could everyone bring in everything that they have tomorrow even if its not that relevant and we can go thru from start to Finnish how we are going to present and everything on the day we have 2 hours before they wer meeting with them we need to scan all images and story boards ect in and have them presented on the computer which is why its vital we have everything in at 10am tomorow

thanks perrie

Monday, 2 March 2009

Let's get together!!!

Hey yall,

Can all the:
Storyboard artists
Character Designers
and Sculptors,
meet from 2pm in one of the spare rooms, to finalise designs for Wednesday's meeting with the Ident organisers and Skillset guy.

Also the main character (motion captured), will be a gremlin goblin type creature, so if the designs can be based around this it would be great, as we don't wont to worry about modeling hair or other difficult stuff. The other characters can be any thing as they will/ can be animated in different styles i.e. traditional, flash or stop motion.

Ok I'm off as hero's is on!!

Later Gaters