Friday, 10 July 2009

Hey guys! Here's my Jack In The Box juggaling bombs hope you guys like it.

I would've Scanned it but my Scanners being a stupid retard at the mo so hopefully another time.

Enjoy! :D

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Posting to this blog

Girls and Guys,

Once you have received and accepted the invite to the blog, and i grant admin privileges then you can post. you just have to sign in (i think?? not sure as i have an account and don't know what happens if u dont), go into "new post" at the top right hand corner of the page, go into "posting" and "new post" and post away!!!

Good nite me dears.
Tope x

Monday, 6 July 2009

OK Welcome guys to the revamped "Animation in Motion" site

Welcome welcome, come in and have a seat, to the new blog!

I thought that since we have a long ass holiday we could catch up on old work and test out some tutorials and what not and post to this blog every day! I was gonna suggest we each put a pound (£1 or 2) and at the end get a tutor to pick the best, most improved work and the winner chooses a DVD from . However we have to prepare for next term, some people might be away or work might be intense. My self and Orun have said we wanted to work on a comic, Bil said he's gonna do that also and I wanted to go over old work and get stuff finished.

So I thought we could just use this site to post work once aweek, it can be whatever or it can relate to what needs to be presented when we go back. That way we can help each other, offer advise and what not. the only thing we have to do is post once aweek, keep ourselves in the animation flow and keep in contact with fellow animators. If we are following a theme then we could decide it on a Sunday after the last submission of the week, for the following week. bearing in mind it can be any form: 2d, 3d, colored or special effects. This weeks theme (seeing as the week has already started) is "Toys" however u wanna interpretate it. I'm also going to open this blog up so you ALL can post ur work!

How's that sound? hit me up on my email if u got questions.

Next topic:
there are 2 contests going on at the mo, one is the "E4" 10 second Esting. This is what you need to know:
1st Stage:
To enter this competition you must upload your E Sting to and fill out your details on the online entry form.
Only one entry per person or collaborative group will be accepted. If you submit any subsequent entries the judges will only consider your first entry.
Entries must be submitted by 4pm on Tuesday 25th August 2009.
Your E Sting must be exactly 10 seconds long and must be submitted in one of the following formats: wmv, mov, mpg, 3gp, mp4, mpeg. The file you upload must be no bigger than 20mb.
Your E Sting must include the E4 logo which can be downloaded from the entry page on
This should be a good one so enter away!! Second is:

Have you got 15 seconds?
enter now until 8th of september

If you've got a great breakout funny character and can make us laugh in 15 seconds, you could win $5,000 towards creating a new 2 minute short with the one and only Nickelodeon Animation Development team.
Guys Please read all the submission guidelines, (as I didnt have time) as it is an international competition. U should be fine but read so u know whats up.

Ok guys and dolls, thats enough from me today, below is my submission for the week so far, because i got repairs and painting going on in my flat.

Later Gaters, peace out!!