Saturday, 28 February 2009


Ok yall,

Here's how its all going down.

  • Please click the title of each post, so you can go into that page and view all the comments which will be posted simultaneously below the actual post.
  • Tutors: author status has been opened so you can make posts
  • a poll is up to tally who wants to go to Pinewood Studios, maybe leave a comment to say who you are or ask any questions.
  • Job Roles and email details will be sent as an attachment via email, because of privacy issues
  • When Perry gets on the blog he will post or alternatively email out the Treatment.
Please remember can we all contribute any info and pics for the MOODBOARD ready for Monday, to present for Wednesday.

Last but not least if you buy any materials for this project i.e. paper, pens, glue, KEEP THE RECEIPT and you can get back your cash (us students need it for beer and comics!)

catch you later gaters...

Eeewww yuck

Eeewww yuck,
I'm sick, I have a yucky cold. But maybe its my body's way of saying

a: slow down
b: eat properly
c: what cold! man up and get on with stuff and don't find an excuse to slack!!

Anyway the meeting we had yesterday with the guy from the motion capture studio, was cool. We're on the right track, and this should be a great project.
Because I have 3 blogs (deviant art, natural-bella and my uni project one) I'm gonna copy and paste this into all of them as I'm too tired to be original.

Ok before I head off for a nap let me address some issues peps have been having:

  • Comments section will be amended so you can click a link of the post, it will appear in a new window and all comments will be listed underneath
  • sort out posting for organisers of this project via sign in and password
  • Job Roles and Email Contact list: A post or download will be enabled so everyone will be able to have others details, essential for working together. i.e. storyboarders linking up to work together on the story.
  • Posting or download of Treatment, made available asap.
  • Poll or Comment tally of all those who want to go to Centriod at Pinewood Studios.
For the last issue (see last issue above: Pinewood Studios), we need a total figure of who's going to the Motion Capture day. Here's a copy of what Greet sent me so you all have full details of whats coming up.

"I need the numbers for the people attending the Centorid 3D shoot at Pinewoods studio on the 13th of March, pretty much the HIGHLIGHT of this project.
It takes 1 and a half hours to get there and they want us there at 8 AM so it is really early morning start, which is normal for shoots.
I have money to pay for your travel so let me know who is coming but I can only pay for people who are taking part in the project. Also there is limited room so first come basis.
We would probably meet at LCC about 6 AM and then take the tube to Uxbridge. Then we would have to take a bus and we still need to take a little walk to the Studios.
We won't be waiting for latecomers and I don't want to spend my day on the phone giving you directions or looking for you. So lets all try to make this as painless as possible."
So I hope that clears some things up. I'll do them now and post info.

Cheers me dears (Achoo...... tries not to spread germs that her monkey kids gave her!!)

character designs

if all the character designers can send me the designs as soon as possible to and tope please and if you need to contact the othere characterdesignes ask tope for thire email adresses

i can seem to get the treatment up on the site so i am gonna get it pollished off for monday and give all the story artist a copy so that we can be done on wednesday.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Mood Boards!

if everyone could spend some time to piece together a couple of images for 3 mood boards for Wednesday that would be great. there inst anyone who is specifically doing this at the mo but i thought as long as we could claim back the money we could get some nice presentation beards (that was meant to be boards but its to funny to leave out now) to mount them on.
  1. for the general indent inspiration (what Greet and Emma showed us on Wednesday in images)
  2. for the location ideas, Characters bursting out of the door, and possible textures and lightings to use.
  3. and one for the main (motion captured) characters ideas references(spite gremlin) and textures for the 3d people to reference with.
if everyone can keep an eye out for those thing we should be able to piece together enough reference points in the mood board for inspiration.
or if some wants to take charge of the mood boards then one person could colect all this stuff from everyone and structure it better.

P.s the treatment will be up soon storyboards!

thanks big shout out to my LCC massive peace.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

I am not a quitter, I will not let this go till i've done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Important meet!!!

Tommorow Friday 27th, 
Representatives from Centroid would like to meet some of us students. This would be really useful in regards to 3D scanning.  So that said could character designers and sculpters (especially) meet @ 2pm Southbank BFI, Pier 5  the banuga cafe.

See you there

So far......

Ok so I've subscribed all the people whose email addresses I collected. If you or anyone else from the group or other animation students (i.e. 2nd yr fda, 3d modellers or Puff, Panos or Bil) have not been subscribed please do so, so that you're always up to date with what's happening. 
So summed up this is a 6 week "IDENT" project, we have to have a main mascot type character (motion captured)  and have LCC in there somewhere. If you have any questions about this project or need any help, please get in contact with Greet or emma via this blog (all comments are posted directly to them) or via email.

As we have a meeting next week Wednesday 4th of March, we need to have all the Character Designers, Sculptor's and Storyboard Artists meet up ASAP so they can get going with the character designs, turnarounds, models and storyboard.

The Ident synopsis will be available later today, as will the job roles and ideas.

Cheers me dears. 

Start of the project!!!!

Ok so this is the start of the Motion Capture Project.
Most of the email addresses have been collected from FDA1, as have job roles and the main ideas for what we wanna do.
Hopefully by the end of the day everyone should have collected or be able to download pdf's of:

Full list of ideas for the project
Email addresses of all team members
and Job roles for everyone.

A treatment has been written and will be availible soon, so we can start on the character designs, turnarounds, sculpted models and storyboard in time for next week Wednesday's meeting.

Remember guys this is a great opportunity so choose your roles wisely, especially if you've got alot on. This looks wicked on your c.v, showreel and to potential employers.  (for next year work placement and future roles.) And with so many people signed up the work load can be shared.

Also there is a link on this blog to subscribe, if everyone can do this you will automatically be sent an email of info and news. so you can comment and easily keep everyone upto date wih whats going on with your own progress or if any help is needed.

Cheers me dears, catch you on the flipside.