Saturday, 28 February 2009


Ok yall,

Here's how its all going down.

  • Please click the title of each post, so you can go into that page and view all the comments which will be posted simultaneously below the actual post.
  • Tutors: author status has been opened so you can make posts
  • a poll is up to tally who wants to go to Pinewood Studios, maybe leave a comment to say who you are or ask any questions.
  • Job Roles and email details will be sent as an attachment via email, because of privacy issues
  • When Perry gets on the blog he will post or alternatively email out the Treatment.
Please remember can we all contribute any info and pics for the MOODBOARD ready for Monday, to present for Wednesday.

Last but not least if you buy any materials for this project i.e. paper, pens, glue, KEEP THE RECEIPT and you can get back your cash (us students need it for beer and comics!)

catch you later gaters...


  1. Hello All,

    I have been tirelessly sorting out the shoot for the LIVE ACTION. So far I have read Perrie's masterpiece and I'm sure he will be done with it asap. It is important to respect the wishes of the director and read the treatment before you start on whatever part you are doing.

    Live shoot: WE NEED A DOOR AND A WALL. If anyone has location ideas please let me know asap. I think it would be easiest to shoot at LCC so everyone go around and mark down what door. I'll see if we can use it through maintenance and Tim Shore.
    OR OTHER OPTION: Ive contacted EIM-Ealing Institute of Media and they have a studio for us to shoot at, possibly equipment. They can't build anything in the time frame we have but have a set with an aparment so there is a door and a wall there( looks like student accomodation). We could go look at it tomorrow. I would want the director and the person in charge of lighting to come with me so let me know asap if you are available and when- after UNI i presume.
    MENTOR: I have sent around the job description to other Film Schools and our LCC department but so far no reply. If you know someone who is capable ( has experience) in live shoots, setting up lights, camera work and general running of a shoot, good with students. PLEASE give that person my contact details. I would really appriciate your help!!

    IF anyone is unclear about Wednesday meeting please let me know. It seems Tope is doing a great job as a producer so ask her for direction if you are lost or have free time on your hand. I will be in LCC tomorrow at lunch time so if you need to talk to me let me know.



  2. Hi Greet,
    we may have a place to film in the graphic design block. We more or less have permission, we just need to confirm with other members of staff in graphic design. RM D305, should be free monday between 4:30 - 6pm. Lock up @ about 8pm.

    speak to you tomorrow in more depth.

    catch you later gater.


  3. Hello All,

    Rob here. Seems like the easiest live shoot location would be LCC. That way nothing has to be built. Props, ceiling, floors are all in place. It's just a matter of controling the environment. If you take a trip out ot Ealing everyone should consider a number of things. What is seen in the room when the door is open. Is the ceiling seen from the camera POV and if so does the set have one? What does the floor of the set look like?

    If there is any chance of reading the treatment sometime today before Wednesday?

    Will the 2nd year animation students be with us tomorrow?