Friday, 27 February 2009

Mood Boards!

if everyone could spend some time to piece together a couple of images for 3 mood boards for Wednesday that would be great. there inst anyone who is specifically doing this at the mo but i thought as long as we could claim back the money we could get some nice presentation beards (that was meant to be boards but its to funny to leave out now) to mount them on.
  1. for the general indent inspiration (what Greet and Emma showed us on Wednesday in images)
  2. for the location ideas, Characters bursting out of the door, and possible textures and lightings to use.
  3. and one for the main (motion captured) characters ideas references(spite gremlin) and textures for the 3d people to reference with.
if everyone can keep an eye out for those thing we should be able to piece together enough reference points in the mood board for inspiration.
or if some wants to take charge of the mood boards then one person could colect all this stuff from everyone and structure it better.

P.s the treatment will be up soon storyboards!

thanks big shout out to my LCC massive peace.

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  1. Hey!

    So i hope you read the comment section as i still can't post.

    I need the numbers for the people attending the Centorid 3D shoot at Pinewoods studio on the 13th of March, pretty much the HIGHLIGHT of this project.
    It takes 1 and a half hours to get there and they want us there at 8 AM so it is really early morning start, which is normal for shoots.
    I have money to pay for your travel so let me know who is coming but I can only pay for people who are taking part in the project. Also there is limited room so first come basis.
    We would probably meet at LCC about 6 AM and then take the tube to Uxbridge. Then we would have to take a bus and we still need to take a little walk to the Studios.
    We won't be waiting for latecomers and I don't want to spend my day on the phone giving you directions or looking for you. So lets all try to make this as painless as possible.