Thursday, 26 February 2009

Start of the project!!!!

Ok so this is the start of the Motion Capture Project.
Most of the email addresses have been collected from FDA1, as have job roles and the main ideas for what we wanna do.
Hopefully by the end of the day everyone should have collected or be able to download pdf's of:

Full list of ideas for the project
Email addresses of all team members
and Job roles for everyone.

A treatment has been written and will be availible soon, so we can start on the character designs, turnarounds, sculpted models and storyboard in time for next week Wednesday's meeting.

Remember guys this is a great opportunity so choose your roles wisely, especially if you've got alot on. This looks wicked on your c.v, showreel and to potential employers.  (for next year work placement and future roles.) And with so many people signed up the work load can be shared.

Also there is a link on this blog to subscribe, if everyone can do this you will automatically be sent an email of info and news. so you can comment and easily keep everyone upto date wih whats going on with your own progress or if any help is needed.

Cheers me dears, catch you on the flipside.

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