Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Live Shoot and Friday's Centroid day

First of all I just want to say what a great job everyone did on yesterdays live shoot. The next big thing is the Motion Capture shoot at Centroid. How's the CG character build coming along? We need to know asap if there are any problems there.

Regarding the "live shoot" video footage needed for the shoot at Centroid. I think I said all we need is the take you decide that is the good one. You'll also need all the reference footage of the box and Character Standin. This footage is important when matching the CG virtual camera with the "live camera".

Looking forward to Friday.
Well done!!!


  1. Hey!

    If you want to come to Centroid put down your name on the list with Tope. I am sending it tomorrow at lunch time to Centroid 3D so security will let us in.



  2. i would like to say well done to everyone involved in the live shoot we watched it back today and it looks great. and a special thanks the Rob Greet and Miloshk(if thats right)for asking all the questions i wouldnt have ever thought about.