Monday, 23 March 2009

This week and planning

Hey All!

We had a great productive meeting today. We discussed what needs to be completed and what is going to happen while we wait for the 3D animation to get going. Everyone is coming in tomorrow at 10 and sitting down with their "personal work" choosing characters who can be animated as the extra wave that comes out of the door. Then the rest of the time is spent on animating and compositing till the 3D arrives and we add sounds. Best thing to do is get in contact with Perrie, Natalie, Terry and Emmanuel who have been in and know what's happening. Tope is going to deliver a shot list to me tonight and Perrie is handing it out tomorrow. I am in LCC this week on Wednesday and Thursday so if you have any receips for me make sure i get them before Monday as then it is too late. I will pop in and see how everything is going. BTW there is no access on Friday so that should be schedueled work that you can take home.
Hope more people help out now as the holidays have arrived!

All the best,

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